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Business Card Design Tips

For most companies, the one marketing tool that does more for creating an identity than anything else is the business card. Although business cards are small in size, these two-by-three inch pieces of paper can make quite a difference when it comes to attracting customers and potential sales. Here are some tips to think about when designing your company's business card:

Put some thought into the appearance and quality of your business cards. A nice looking business card will receive more attention than a sloppy one. In addition, pay attention to the quality of the cardstock you use--there are many types and colors available. Finally, adding color to the text or your company logo can improve the card's appearance significantly.

Business cards are one of the best marketing opportunities your company has at its disposal. Never pass up an opportunity to hand out your card. After all, your business cards will help you more in the hands of potential customers than they will sitting in your desk. You should always have a supply of cards available in your briefcase, wallet or purse. Also, don't be shy when it comes to asking other people for their business card; chances are good that they will ask for yours in return.

Be sure to include all the important contact information and details on your business card. Because we live in an electronic age, it is necessary to include your e-mail and Web site addresses as well as your phone and fax numbers. Also, if your company's contact information changes, don't resort to correcting it by writing on your business card with a pen; keep your business cards up-to-date.

Consider using the back of your business card to include additional information. For example, supplying information on the back of your card such as measurement tables, sports schedules or computer keyboard shortcuts can make customers look at your card repeatedly as a reference tool. If you need more space, bi-fold and tri-fold formats are another great way to fit everything you need on your business card. However, your business card should always have some space on it for people to add notes.

Using part of your business card as an in-store coupon is a great way to generate sales and customers.

If your company has several different divisions, consider having a separate card design for each one of them to provide an individualized message. For example, if your company has a brick-and-mortar and an Internet presence, both divisions could benefit from having their own unique cards.

Design your business card so it stands apart from your competition. You are more likely to get noticed rather than blending in with the crowd.

In addition to handing out your business card, try posting them on bulletin boards in high-traffic areas such as libraries, supermarkets, drug stores, colleges, etc.

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