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About House Party Web Productions

House Party Web Productions was unofficially started in 2001 by me, Jennifer House, with the creation of my first website - Since then, many more sites have been created, and has had a complete overhaul. I guess House Party become official when Adam Zimmer came up with the great name and this site got created in 2003 and redesigned in 2004. We specialize in single page "flyer" websites and sites for small businesses, but can of course create anything and everything that you want that requires a computer.

Many small companies still do not have websites, which is why House Party Web Productions is here to help.

Having fell in love with computers in high school, I've been glued to one ever since. Attending Shawnee Mission South High School, I was able to take many computer & business classes, giving me my initial foundation and experience in desktop publishing and entrepreneurship. Entering college at Drake University's School of Business, having no idea what to major in, I again stuck with computers finally deciding on a major in information systems. As a member of many college organizations, I first got into creating web pages for these organizations and eventually used the pages as a class project. After finishing the information systems program in a record three years, I accepted a job with DST Systems, Inc. as a computer programmer.

As a huge fan of the internet and knowing what it can do when used properly, I started a website for a new women's football team that was starting up in Kansas City, the Kansas City Krunch. I figured this was a great way to get the information out to family and friends and start gaining support for the team. Little did I know this would be the start of my web design future. From there people started asking me to build their sites too. Word of mouth is the best advertising anyone can hope for, and it certainly played a huge part in giving House Party Web Productions a running start! Thank you to all of my friends who have assisted in making this venture a success.


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