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Website Add-Ons
Most hosts provide counters & stats,'s looks like the one I have below. If you would like one with a different look, check out some of the sites listed below:
Amazing Counters
Free Counter Plus
Rapid Counter
Super Counters
Power Web Counter
Current Date/Time Display
There are many different ways to display the Date & Time, I usually use the one you see at the top of my website page. But there are many different formats, some are listed below:
Clock in the Status Bar
Clock in the Title Bar (not recommended because it overrides your title in the title bar)
Custom Buttons
A button is a simple control that generates an action event when the user clicks it. On most websites, including House Party Web Productions, you will see buttons down the left side of the page directing you to other pages on the website. Sometimes they change color or shape when you move the mouse over them or click on them. Buttons are not always necessary, you can also use simple text to also direct visitors to your different pages.
Custom Forms
Forms are a great way to collect data from visitors, take orders, and customize interactive websites. For an example you can click here.
Custom 404 Error Page

Web servers generate error messages when they encounter unexpected conditions. The most common of these, from a user's perspective, is the 404 error. This error occurs whenever a user requests a nonexistent page. The page may have been moved, or the user may have mistyped the URL. In either case, the default 404 error message created by most Web servers is usually less than helpful.

By providing user-friendly guidance on how to locate resources on their sites, organizations with default 404 error messages can create a great opportunity to garner additional traffic. An effective custom 404 message can direct users quickly to areas where they can find what they seek.

To see House Party Web Productions' 404 Page - click here.

Message Boards / Forum
The reason for a message board or forum is when people visit your site they can meet at a gathering place and share information with each other relevant to your website. It would also encourage your visitors to engage in conversation and re-visit your site more often. For an example of a message board, click here to see the Kansas City Krunch board.
A guestbook is a way for your visitors to leave you comments.
Password Protected Pages
If your site has information that is private and only certain visitors should see it, you need a password protected page(s).
Photo Gallery
When your site has many photos to display, a photo gallery may be the best way to organize and present them. It usually consists of a main page with links to thumbnail pages or picture pages. A thumbnail is a small picture that represents a larger image. Click here to see examples of photo galleries.
Internal Search Engine
An internal search engine allows visitors to search within your website, and sometimes beyond your website. You can see House Party Web Productions' search engine in the top right hand corner of every page.
Paypal Shopping Cart
Paypal offers an easy way to sell your merchandise while acting as the middle man to collect the money for you. To see an example of this, click here for the Ladies of Kansas City Calendars.
Weather Logo (specific city or search)
Example of Weather Logos or you can also see it used on the Commerce Trading website. Headlines
Example of Headlines
Example of a calculator
Favicon or Shortcut Icon (for IE 5.0 or higher)
A Favicon is a multi-resolution image included on nearly all professional developed sites. The Favicon allows the webmaster to further promote their site, and to create a more customized appearance within a visitor's browser. Often, the Favicon reflects the look and feel of the web site or the organization's logo.

The Favicon was first popularized by its appearance in the 'Address Bar' and 'Favorites Folder' using Internet Explorer and is now a prominent fixture of web browsers such as Mozilla and the soon-to-be-released Netscape 7.0. Each web browser has a unique user interface, and as a result uses the Favicon in different ways.

House Party Web Productions' Favicon looks like this:

For more information you can look at Microsoft's explanation, How To Add A Shortcut Icon To Your Website, or
Bookmark This Page Link
Pops up the "Favorites" window to bookmark the link in Internet Explorer or a reminder to bookmark the page in Netscape.
For more information please click here to email HPWP
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